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.Summer is here! Go kayaking or standup paddle boarding guided by the most enthusiastic, inspiring ganger, Jacky G. Get on your bikes and feel the wind as you gaze at the blue ocean or the banks of the San Gabriel River. Have you ever done a CicLAvia? See our city in a most interesting way; always a fun, interesting event

Coming soon is a night out at the Hollywood Bowl thanks to Fred T. August 9th is our annual picnic, which will be partially catered. It is at a new beautiful location. 

On a slightly more serious note I have to say that I was disappointed by the tiny response to our “Free Lunch” Board meeting in May. You would have had a chance to see your board and all the activity leaders working so hard for all of us.  You could have added you comments, suggestions etc.  Planning for the picnic and Fall Gala has been going on for months. All activities are always planed far in advance. Carl M. has our winter ski trips ready to go!

Soon we will have elections and all of you will be able to participate in the decision whether or not to change our name from “Over” to “On”. You will have the board’s reasoning in detail with the next newsletter.

Have a great summer and PARTICIPATE in your club’s guidance. 

Happy post-Gala to all Gangers. You have voted, and we are now the On the Hill Gang Los Angeles. I never lost faith that you would all vote—all 62 of you—but the vote went according to our Bylaws and it stands . 
I would like to thank again all our wonderful volunteers for their creative and arduous work on our behalves. Personally, I had a glorious time at Asilomar and Cambria—biking, hiking, touring and dining with my wonderful fellow Gangers. This letter is too short to thank and name each person as I tried to do at the Gala, so I will end hereHappy Holidays to all of my fellow On the Hill Gang members. On Sunday, December 11, over fifty of us gathered for our annual December party at Wanda Y.’s recreation room. What a boisterous fun-loving group we were. Conversation and libation flowed even though the hour was early. The food from Stonefire Grill was delicious and the leftovers were happily taken home in provided containers. Eight members won large, beautiful poinsettia centerpieces to take home to add to their holiday décor. There were several new members at the party, and we welcomed them all. Our club is growing, but there is room for many more, so spread the word. Special thanks to Audrey J. and her hard-working crew for making the party a wonderful success. As always, it takes several months of coordination to achieve this result. 

Did you see the video of the Road Scholar camp held a few weeks ago in the foothills of the Western Sierra? It reminded me of my summer camp days in nearby Verdugo Hills above Glendale–pure fun. Summer is upon us and we should all take advantage of OHGLA fun outdoor events, such as the upcoming UCLA Botanical Gardens tour, picnicking at Chace Park, biking near the ocean, and kayaking on the ocean. If you are hungry, join Odette for dinner at the Biergarten in Koreatown. Their chicken is supposed to be delicious. Or you can get exercise by walking all the hallways at Cedars Sinai while you view the wonderful fine art on the walls. If you get too excited and faint there will be instant help nearby!


The next Board meeting on August 2 will be my last as president. I am again hoping that we get the large room at the El Segundo Library so that I can once more invite all our Gangers to attend. We had several at the May Board meeting and received valued suggestions from them


So, I hope to see you on land and sea, but not on air until next ski season.


Be happy, be well, and stay active.


President Al

I am writing this message on July 4, which is a bit early for the August-September newsletter. Sometimes necessity demands flexibility, even though by the time you read this I will have turned 77 and will be even less flexible than ever
Two weeks ago our members, along with four VCOTHG, enjoyed a wonderful Sunday social at the beautiful home of DB L. As always, great wine, appetizers and conversation prevailed. Thursday, July 2, thirty Gangers, led by ever-capable Fred T., enjoyed an incredible outing and picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. Smokey Robinson plus fireworks were outstanding. In a couple more weeks we will enjoy our annual picnic, and soon after an evening picnic and concert arranged by Gary C. 
Now, thinking of October, the Fall Gala has already been planned and all who attend will be rewarded with excellent food, entertainment and camaraderie. Finally, I predict that El Niño will strike in late September; so keep those legs strong for skiing. Thanks, A
August 8, Tuesday, 12:00-3:00 pm, Burton Chace Park, Marina Del Rey
MENU:  Tri-tip, beans, salads, chips, dessert, and water
Bring your own soft drinks. (Due to park regulations, no alcoholic beverages are allowed.)
Please attend by advance reservation only. Cost $10 ($15 after August 1 or at the door).
Back Again by Popular Demand

For flyer and directions, please RSVP to Audrey J. by August 1 at events@ohgla.org.

October 28-29, Saturday-Sunday

We are again planning a Ventura week-end to include a ride to Ojai on Saturday and a new adventure on Sunday. A local bike shop will transport our bikes to the train station in Carpinteria and we will take the train from Ventura and bicycle back. A Saturday night group dinner is included, and for those who stay over until Monday there will be an optional group dinner on Sunday evening. Please contact Fred T. ASAP at biking@ohgla.org if you are interested.

November 5, Sunday 5:30-9:00
Taix French Restaurant, Los Angeles

December 3, Sunday, 4:00-7:00
Redondo Beach

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